Oct 14, 2019 *After 15 plus years of breeding and rescuing pugs, we’ve decided to end our breeding of pugs. We’ve decided it’s just to much to keep up with. We just don’t have the energy any longer. We have enjoyed raising quality show/pet puppies for everyone’s enjoyment. We have loved keeping in contact with the puppy families as they’ve grown and we will miss something we loved doing so much. It takes a lot of time and energy to raise a litter of pugs. Thank you to everyone who has supported and recommended us.

Welcome to Brendy Pugs! we are dedicated to breeding quality AKC Registered pugs. We show our pugs in AKC conformation, and breed only those pugs we feel will contribute to bettering the breed. Our breeding program is based on improving and maintaining healthy, intelligent pugs with a personality. As a member of the Pug Dog Club of America, the Old Dominion Pug Club, and the Pug Club of MD, we adhere to the AKC breed standard for correct conformation and breeder ethics. Although, there are no absolute perfect specimens of any breed, we are striving to become the best and we are very selective with the pugs we breed. We would NOT breed anything unless the potential is there for excellence. Only mature, healthy, examples of the breed are used in our breeding program.

We are located in south central Pennsylvania, we have owned and rescued pugs since 2004. We are dedicated to the pug breed. We have researched the pugs history while being mentored by a few long time well established breeders, all of which have more than twenty five years experience with breeding and showing pugs in AKC Conformation. We are very grateful for their help, support, and mentor ship they have provided us. Our puppies are hand raised in our home with our family, not in kennels. Our puppies are handled and played with by our children on a daily basis. We feel that a puppy that is included in the everyday family life as a member of the family will be a happy and well adjusted puppy.

We breed for producing our own show quality pugs, not for the sole purpose of selling puppies as a means of extra income. There are a few puppies that we feel do not meet the AKC show standards, therefore those puppies will be placed into non-show homes with a limited AKC Registration. These puppies will also be placed with a spay/neuter contract. To adopt one of our puppies it is required that you complete our Adoption Application (ALL blanks need to be filled in) located under the PUPPIES tab. Before making the decision to adopt one of our pugs, we ask that you read our B-4 You Buy pug info pages so that you are well informed about the pug breed. This will help you to make an educated decision for yourself and your family.

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