Info About Pugs

Info About Pugs

The first consideration you should think about before you choose a Pug for a pet is to realize that the Pug is not a dog to be left outside in the cold or heat. If you don't want the family dog to be in the house, then you do not want a pug for your family.

Heat and humidity can lead to such stress on the Pug that it will die. The cooling system of the Pug is limited due to the Pug's flat face. However, if you want a smart, head-strong dog, the Pug can be the dog of choice. The Pug is very well suited for life in an apartment, a condo or a house with limited yard space. Pugs are playful, outgoing and even-tempered. They possess great charm and dignity. Pugs are moderately easy to train, but being smart, they do not like going potty in the rain. So a dry area would go a long way to keeping the Pug and you, the homeowner, happy.

Pugs are very people oriented. They have been accepted as therapy dogs, and as hearing aid dogs. Well bred Pugs are low maintenance animals. At least once per week, a good brushing of your dogs coat is necessary. Pugs may be short haired, but they do shed all year long. A typically "Puggish" attitude held by the Pug, is that they are beautiful and, therefore, everyone must love them. At times Pugs will shed such copious amounts of hair, you need to check to make sure your puggie is still under all that hair. This little dog can transform from guarding their home and family with their very lives, to snuggling up with you on the sofa. A gentle cleaning of the wrinkles with a kleenex, baby wipes or soft towel is good for keeping the nose roll clean. Be sure to dry it.

Typically, females tend to be aloof and independent. They have more of the "guard dog" qualities, always curious as to what is going on around their house. Males, on the other hand, tend to be happiest as couch potatoes. They demand more attention and have the most desire to be lap dogs. Of course, as with all generalities, there are exceptions. A lot depends on the desires, and the ability of the owner, to communicate with and train their dog. Pugs have earned obedience titles as well as tracking and agility titles, and some pugs are currently competing in fly ball. Pugs are personable, intelligent and love to get attention. They are patient with children who dress them up in baby clothing. They are fiercely protective of their family. They love to "cute" at everyone. They are adventurous and bold enough to sniff noses with a 2000 pound steer. They are a wonderful pet to be possessed by.

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