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***NOTICE*** March, 11, 2019 ~ At this time we have no plans to do any breedings within the next year.

All of our pet quality puppies are adopted on a spay / neuter contract with a limited AKC registration. NO Exceptions! We occasionally have show quality puppies available for adoption to show homes. The average pet quality puppies range between $1800-$2500. This is only a range and could be more or less. Our puppies come with a general and genetic health guarantee. Our puppies are up to date with shots and worming at the time of adoption. We require that everyone complete our Adoption Application in full before being considered for one of our puppies. We will not discuss placement of our puppies without a completed application. Application with missing info will automatically go into the recycle bin.
Why do purebred dogs cost so much?

One of the best things about buying a purebred dog is knowing the puppy you brought home will grow up to look like the dog you fell in love with on the street, in the magazines, or at the shows. In general, the price of a purebred puppy can run anywhere from $1500-$5,000. It seems like a lot- and it is- but you're getting a bargain. The cost of producing a well planned litter are substantial. Start with health tests on both parents, add stud fees, transport costs for the stud dog or shipping costs for the dam; pre and postnatal care, registration for the litter and individual dogs- it adds up quickly. Factor in an unexpected C-section, repeat breeding or vet-preformed implants, and a breeder's bank account is rarely in the black (green). The satisfaction we get isn't from the money, but from seeing sturdy, sound representatives of the breeds we love, in loving, responsible homes. Think of all those expensive precautions as a form of insurance, and remember the effort your breeder went through the next time you see a "No questions asked $400 puppies" newspaper ad!

Our Puppy Guarantee

We offer a genetic health guarantee, and test for PDE, DM, PK-Def, and our Vet also checks hips, knees, and eyes. Our puppies see the Vet and receive a health certificate before leaving for their forever homes.


We are always happy to answer questions and offer advice, but we ask that if you are serious about purchasing a puppy from us to first complete an application in full. We always have a waiting list and those who contact us just to ask "How much?" will not get a response.

NOTICE: We do not ship puppies!

Xander ~ 12 weeks

Xander ~ 12 weeks

We feed our pugs Earthborn Holistic Foods.